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Why Do I Use & Recommend Hubspot For Small Business Owners?

Choosing the right CRM can be overwhelming. It's a big decision that can significantly impact your business, so it's essential to do your research and find the CRM that's best for you. Here is why I chose Hubspot.

There are a lot of different CRMs out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is the best for your business. One thing I guarantee you is that you don’t want to switch CRM while your business is running at full speed. Also with so many choices, you don’t have time test them all. This is why I’ll be sharing below the three main reasons I use Hubspot and why I recommend it to my customers.

Why Use a CRM In The First Place?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is necessary for most businesses. A CRM allows you to store all of your customers' contact information in one place, making it easy to keep track of everyone you do business with. It also helps you keep track of your interactions with each customer to ensure that you are providing the best possible service.

Your customer relationship management is more than just a neat place to store contacts. It has the potential to be the heart of your business and supercharge your ability to make sales, care for your clients and design a five-star experience they will be raving about to their friends, colleagues and family.

There are many CRMs out there to choose from, but I believe that Hubspot is the best choice for the large majority of people. Let me tell you why.

Three reasons why Hubspot is the right CRM for 95% of people

Integrates with about everything

Once you have your CRM, one thing will do to design a Customer Journey. As you build your business and understand your customers' needs and wants, you will start crafting a journey that will turn qualified prospects into paying customers.

Now that means when certain milestones are achieved, certain things must happen. For example, when someone signs up for Supersonic SitesĀ®, a new deal is created, a new client is created in Stripe, and an onboarding meeting is being set, etc.

All of that is done through 3rd-party integration, in this case, Stripe, Zoom, Todoist and so on. All those things that were done manually before are now being automated and the central command center of all of it is our CRM.

Hubspot, with its open API, is such an established player that every app out there wants to integrate with it. That’s a huge plus.

Free to start and grows with you as you need to

A CRM can be the most expensive piece of software any business will own. As your business scale, so is your need for more sophistication. But when you are just getting started, every cent counts. The free version of Hubspot was great for our business while we were bootstrapping, then the discounted starter pack at $50/mo was just what we needed once we were beyond the launching stage.

When we reach the stage of scaling our sales and marketing, we will pay more and be happy to do so. But being able to start for free to test the water for as long as you need is a fantastic bonus.

It’s All-In-One

Don’t like having your organization spread across ten different apps? What if you could manage your social media, ads, SEO, website, customer support, task manager, and everything else in between under the same roof?

Even under the free tier, you have a lot of things that you can bring back under a single “hub,” pun intended. As your organization scale, you can upgrade your plan to have everything under the same roof, making onboarding new employees and managing workflow that much easier.


I genuinely love Hubspot. Before we went with Hubspot, we tried many of it’s competitors and we racked our brain trying to figure out which one we should go with. We spent months going back and forth, and since we moved to Hubspot, I can say that we are confident that it is the best choice for 95% of people out there.

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