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The Hidden Power of ReadLater Apps

Do you find yourself reading articles when you should be doing something else? Do you find yourself feeling in a rush to read it because you are trying to squeeze it in between tasks? Are you tired of all the junk ads you find in those articles?

Read later apps to the rescue!

I have been using ‘read later apps’ for some time now and it’s been revolutionary. Apps like or allow you to capture a good article when you see one and get back to it when you can dedicate time to read them. Like when you are relaxing on the couch after a hard day at work.

“Read Later Apps” are not only good to avoid being distracted and to get a better reading experience…they can also be the beginning of a journey to become a better reader! They are giving you the ability to highlight and annotate. Those highlights are all saved in a neat little place that is easy to access in the future.

If you are reading good quality you should have a least one sentence worth remembering right? So what if you had a record of all the best ideas you’ve encountered while reading? How many times have you highlighted something in a book, hoping that you could remember it later…only to lose it forever because the task of searching for it is too great? Well, not anymore!

What the practice of highlighting can do for you?

Reduce consumption of low value articles

An interesting thing started to occur…as I highlight and annotate the content that I read in my Instapaper account, I think twice about which articles are worth reading. An article that doesn’t have a single sentence worth remembering is not worth my time. Period.

Makes you a more attentive reader

What if you saw your article consumption as a quest to find great ideas worth remembering? Maybe you want to homeschool and learn about pedagogy or maybe you want to build your own computer from scratch. What if you had the best insights on your topic accessible at a moment’s notice? Now have such capability, you have an incentive to pay more attention while you read.

Spaced Repetition for better retention

A little bonus tip about highlighting using ‘read later apps’, connect them to a account. When you do, they will email you 5 random highlights from what you’ve read in the past. The ability to increase the chances of such future accidental encounters is a powerful one…not only that, it’s a great way to help you remember those great ideas you’ve encountered in the past.


If you are already a reader of articles, go try it out! Make sure to download the extension too. You might discover how incredibly powerful this type of app is when used the right way on your quest to become a smarter and more effective reader.


Photo by Nemichandra Hombannavar on Unsplash

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