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Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. — G. K. Chesterton


Almost a decade ago, I owned…it costed me $9 CAD back then and I tried a few things here and there with it. Little did I know about how much I would miss it when it came under the ownership of domain scalpers. Lesson of the story: own your name and never let it go…you never know when or why you would need it. But now that it’s back with me, I feel a warm comfort in knowing that I can now do something with my little corner of the internet…under my own name, rather than a catchy brand name kind of thing.

Now that I’ve got it back (literally today the 17th of October 2020), I’m going to make the most out of it by blogging and letting my creative juice flow by writing and sharing my thoughts on things. This whole blog is made using a technology that I became enamoured with this year. The JAMStack…so this isn’t a Wordpress blog, this is bare metal code from the bottom up. It’s pretty exciting for a geek like me.

Who Am I?

As the tagline of this blog says: I’m a father of two beautiful children, I’m an Anglican lay reader and work from home productivity enthusiast. I live west of Montreal, Qc in a small country town and I work as a web developer for small business owners for the last 6 years. I’ve been a jack of all trades with a lot of diverse experiences and interests ranging from flute making to cryptocurrencies. But as I aged I learned to curb my monkey mind and stick to a few key areas that are most important for me, namely: family, religion and specialized knowledge in my field of work.

Why Blogging?

Good question…as of today, I don’t know. My MO is move fast and break stuff. Then as you go along, doors open and opportunities arise that would have never been there if you weren’t moving. Contrary to all my previous blogging experience my goals for it isn’t set in stone. For now I believe it’s just going to be a place where I share what I’ve learned, what I’m working on and what catches my attention.


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