Making More Money on the Side?

side business

It is very noble to start the process of getting out of debt and wanting to build wealth. But in our situation, we can get out of debt but we can't build significant wealth unless we start making more money. You see, the end game for us is to be able to live from our investments rather than from the … [Read more...]

Get Out of Debt AND Build Wealth Simultaneously

getting out of debt with infinite banking concept

Does it sound like "have your cake and eat it too?" The position I have with this blog is to prove to the world that you can get out of debt AND build wealth simultaneously. What you are about to read and discover is definitely not mainstream. I highly suggest you to keep an open mind and to do … [Read more...]

Getting Out Of Debt Faster Than Planned

Magic Numbers of Your Personal Finance

If you are looking for ways of getting out of debt faster than planned, let me first applaud you because you have the right mindset. We are on the same journey and this blog was created to share my story of getting out of debt, making more money and building wealth. [Tweet "Every Progress Starts … [Read more...]

Don’t make more money until you do this…

What kind of fool would tell you to not make more money? Well, hear me out because what I am about to share is very important. When I got in debt, more than 12 months ago, my knee jerk reaction was to: Don't look at my dismal financial situation Run after money making opportunities That … [Read more...]

Creating Your Own Simple Money Management System

simple money management system

If you are someone who want a simple money management system that you can use to build wealth, pay debts and overall get ahead, read on because you are in the right place. When our couple decided to finally tackle our debt and focus on building our wealth, I went out there and read as many book … [Read more...]